October 19, 2009

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Well, i had an interesting voice mail today from Dr. Petrovski’s nurse….  She said Dr. Petrovski had spoken to Dr. Pepperell (the dr. I saw last week since Petrovski was on vacation) and that Dr. Pepperell told her my concerns about waiting until the 27th to induce.  Dr. Petrovski then ok’d me for a procedure for this Wednesday, Oct. 21st at 5pm to start the induction process.  Basically, the hospital would give me Cervidil (a drug to help my cervix prepare for labor) and send me home.  I would then return to the hospital the next morning (this Thursday!) to start my induction.

I asked the nurse if Dr. Petrovski was sure this wasn’t too soon, and she said Dr. Petrovski approved all this, but that I could talk with her more about it at my appt tomorrow afternoon.  So…..  My appt at 3:45 will be a monumental one now!  I will talk with her about the pros/cons of inducing Thursday vs. the following Tuesday.  At this point, I really don’t think it will matter as my body is not progressing toward labor and it looks like an induction will be necessary either way.  I will express to her my concerns of reducing my chances of having to have a C-section, so maybe she’ll suggest waiting till Tuesday – I don’t know….  She may want to do an ultrasound to see how big the baby is…. she’ll of course check to make sure my blood pressure is still low, etc.

There are risks/benefits of inducing.  Here’s a helpful article if you want some reading material….


So…. just fyi!  Trying to keep everyone informed!  We will know more around 4pm tomorrow!  🙂

Love to all,
Liz & Chad


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